Saklikent is situated near Toros, between Fethiye and Kas for thousands of years. Situated east of Esençay Valley, Saklikent has not been discovered recently. Villagers living in this region discovered Saklikent almost 20 years ago.

Saklikent Gorge (“Hidden Valley”) is the longest and deepest gorge in Turkey – 18 km long and so steep and narrow that the sun does not penetrate the water, leaving it deliciously icy-cold in the summer. Once inside, water-sculpted limestone canyon walls soar above you. Saklikent is a Canyon which is unbelievably beatiful, mystic and fascinating. You can walk one kilometer through water to reach Saklikent.

Remember to dress appropriately – you will get wet, and avoid taking big expensive unwaterproof cameras!

Be sure to bring submersible shoes as you will sometimes be walking in shallow water or mud. Plastic shoes can also be rented River Bar. However, after a while water goes beyond one’ s height. There start the caves. You can see the sky occasionaly. You feel yourself on a different planet among high rocks. You don’t feel the Mediterranean’s distresting heat in this Canyon.

A total of 16 caves have been discovered in the rocks, whereas prehistoric man encountered this place and used it for shelter..

There is 700m. difference in height between the entrance and the exit of Saklikent. While walking through Saklikent you generally sink deeply into wet clay. On the way you can take a quick shower under small waterfalls.

But it is impossible to reach to the end of the canyon due to the naturel conditions. At the trials up to today, technical teams could reach to the end of the Canyon by the help of security belts.