Saklikent Gorge Club Trekking

There are two separate trails mountain road in the Saklikent.

Route 1: “Kızılalan Sazak creek, Built path Kocaboğaz, Tastes, Üçov in from hunting, Elm, Tırnacık, dough.” Route. This route is about 16 km long, walk a minimum of 103 meters and a maximum take place between 1020 m height. Slope output of 810 meters, the 1595 meters downhill trails that of the ancient buildings, churches and historic buildings like the cisterns are seen frequently.
Route 2: “Kapandere of – Menengiç bottom – Sappada are – Kumeyaka of – Saklikent” route. Length of 14.5 km of this route, walk minimum 90 meters above the sea, it is hovering between a maximum of 955 meters. 498 meters of the uphill exit, if this route is downhill of the 1174 meters with plenty of hiking the canyon views can be done.