Saklikent Gorge Club Paragliding Tour

Oludeniz Babadag, paragliding and beauty to be found in Turkey is one of the few in the world of heaven.

advanced flight techniques for the amateur pilot candidates have completed pilot training flight is a great area for training and professional pilots.

a straight flight from the Babadag takes about 30 minutes.
Experienced pilots can operate flights for hours by evaluating the rising air currents.

Flight Season: April to October from a safe flight is made.

Takeoffs: Babadağ also has three runways. 1700 m south runway is suitable for takeoff. 1800 meters north runway is a bit small and upright. 1900 meters north of the departure area of ​​the top floor is quite comfortable. In general most of the day to the opposite end of the runway 1700 meters south wind usually get flown here. A very wide runway can be laid at the same time around 20 attacks.

Landing Runway: Belcekiz beach at the Dead Sea coast, is quite comfortable and safe landing area with long and wide.

Meteorological Characteristics: During summer season, the weather is stable. Sometimes the north wind in the morning and work and made into the valley from the northern runway. South runway most of the day at 5-20 km in the south winds.

Caution should be: Especially early in the season and the rapid changes in the air at the end of the month the change of seasons, and may be able to clouds in the departure area. In the southern runway until lunch time in the westerly winds of the mountain from the west end, it can mislead create a false south wind.