Butterfly Valley, a canyon located at the base of Babadag (1970m) (Ancient Kragon Mountain) which is protected by the World heritage Foundation.

The canyon walls are 350 -400m high, and the triangular floor of the Valley is just 10ha. At the back of the Valley, the 60m high waterfall runs from the top down through a canopy of trees which shelter an abundance of unique Butterfly species. The Waterfall trails out onto the western facing, white pebbled beach into the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean.

The secluded nature and private beach of Butterfly Valley is a haven for backpackers wanting to get away from the tourist traps of Oludeniz and Fethiye. The Valley attracts those seeking a break from the smoke, pollution and street husslers, and momentarily become a part of a simple and peaceful life style. This year, the land between the beach and the Waterfall is also being cultivated to provide the Valley with fresh fruit and vegetables such as watermelons, tomatoes, corn, beans, apricots, berries, spring onions, sunflower oil, etc etc…

During the day 35 different species of Butterflies can be seen throughout the Valley, and at night another 35 also make this their home. The most unique of these being the Tiger Butterfly (EUPLAGİA QUADRİPUNCTARİA ) among others, such as the Danaus Cripsipusun, Limentis reducta, Utetheisa pulchella, Melitaea Sp, Papilio Machaon and many more.